Current Furnishings for Sale – Please visit my For Sale page for items which are ready to ship or deliver.

Portfolio Work – If you see a piece on my Portfolio page that you would like to purchase or have recreated please contact me. *Many of the designs can be reproduced using similar or different materials.  If you would like to know more about a specific piece, how it was built or finished, or if I could create something similar for you, I would be happy to discuss those details with you.

*The natural branch tables and other organic shaped pieces are one-of-a-kind pieces designed and built around the physical characteristics of one or two specific pieces of wood.  These may not be reproduced to look exactly like the pieces in the photos, but can be made in a similar fashion if I have the material.

Commissions – Contact me via email if you would like begin the discussion of a custom piece of furniture.  All I ask is that you present an idea of what you have in mind (no matter how simple), what your budget expectations are, and if you have a deadline for expample a grand opening, anniversary, wedding, or what have you.  The rest we can dialogue through but in general, here is the process of your curiosity becoming a commission.

  • Upon receiving your email above, I will let you know right off the bat if there may be something that would prevent us from working together.  If someone contacts me 4 weeks prior to an important event and asks me to design and build something that will take 4 weeks, I will not put myself or a Client in that type of situation and will have to respectfully decline or offer to complete the piece in say 5 weeks.  My production lead times change constantly.
  • If I have an initial impression that the inquiry is genuine, I would then reply to schedule a phone call at your convenience for a discussion of your preferences for the piece you have in mind, your schedule constraints and mine, and your budget range.  I can then make a decision as to whether or not the project is within my capability and interest.  If we choose to proceed further during the conversation I will ask for initial sketches you may have done and any other inspirational visual references that you would like to provide via email links or whatever is most efficient.
  • Once I have a chance to review these references (and likely follow-up email will ensue) I will prepare simple sketches and a price estimate for consideration by the Client.  This is the point where details will be discussed that can have an affect on price and quality which have not been finalized and therefore a price estimate is offered at this point.
  • When both parties are satisfied with the rough details, schedule range, and budget range, the final design process and working out all the build details and final drawings will begin. I request a design deposit of 10% of the estimated price. This deposit is non-refundable, but does apply toward the final purchase price.
  • I will provide the Client with drawings of the finished piece, establish a final price for the work, proposed delivery date, delivery method, and approximate cost of delivery. Upon acceptance of the final design and cost by the Client, I require a deposit of 50% of the purchase price, less the amount of the design deposit.
  • I will then build your piece doing everything in my power to deliver the highest quality in material and execution of the work. I love this part.  Unless a Client does not want their commission on my site, you can also follow the build progress via my blog posts and site photos.
  • At the time of completion and prior to shipment, payment of the balance of the agreed price is required and may include shipping charges and applicable sales tax.

The process is best approached with honesty and good communication.  I look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in commissioning a piece.

Repair and Refinishing- I do not normally take on repair or refinishing work but some pieces are definitely worth saving, assuming it is possible to repair and or restore, so in that spirit I would be willing to discuss the repair or refinishing of a furnishing you currently own.

The best place to start if you would like me to have a look at your candidate is to send me an email with good quality photos of the item, and a brief history of the item if you are familiar with it.  I will of course let you know in a timely manner if I have any questions and to give you my honest opinion.

Shipping & Delivery-If you decide to purchase an item for sale or commission a unique item for your home or business, the cost of packaging the item is included in the sale price or is clearly identified on my estimates.  In college I worked on a freight dock loading and unloading trucks and so I can state with confidence that Murphy’s Law is most influential in the shipping industry. In other words I will carefully package and reinforce your purchase to ensure the shipping process does not add any unwanted character to your piece.

The costs of shipping the item itself and any delivery at the Clients destination is not included in the sale due the variables of destination location, size, and weight.  I would be happy to solicit quotes from shipping brokers to get you the most competitive pricing on any items that would require freight shipment.

My current hourly rate for delivery services on items I can safely fit on my delivery trailer or in my truck is $24.00 per hour and is an all inclusive hourly rate.

If you decide to pick up your item in person and live out of the State of Georgia that would be great, unfortunately the great state of Georgia will also be here to collect its portion of the transaction as well.  If you live in the State of Georgia and want to pick up your item or have it delivered, I will also be required to collect sales tax on the transaction.  I will have already provided the taxable value in my final pricing.

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