Desk – French Country

Built to last for generations, all the joinery in the legs, rails, and stretchers are traditional mortise and tenon joinery with hardwood pegs for additional reinforcement and visual accent. I hand select all the wood for each piece I build from a single tree and fit each joint carefully and precisely. I ensure that the wood for the top surface is matched to ensure continuity that is only achievable through the makers eye and experience. The inspiration for this piece came from traditional french country designs which is evident in the patterns cut in the rails and stretchers.  This medium size desk is ideal for a smaller scale bedrooms, home office spaces, or behind a sofa.

Please contact me to discuss customization of the desk including size differences, a wide variety of hardwoods, live edges, single board tops, book matched tops, a wide variety of finishes, drawers, various rail cut-out patterns, etc.

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