Photostory – Modern Post & Rung Chair

“An inconvenience, is only an adventure wrongly considered; an adventure, is an inconvenience rightly considered.”

In our lives simplification of nearly anything is always sensational, with this in mind I edited together a rudimentary 3 minute video this morning highlighting the entire post and rung chair I’m now making.  Starting with the raw materials, bending forms, jigs, shaping of the parts, some assembly, seat weaving, and completed chair. Pretty cool snapshots of everything but the full scale drawings.  It’s cool for me anyway!

I have not made the time to start writing any detail about how I make the post and rung/ladderback chair, which is not an original design but based on Brian Boggs 30 years of chair making experience with my own adjustments to the seat, angles of the rear legs, and some other reverse engineering.  It’s a very light but strong, visually catching, and supremely comfortable chair.  Hope you enjoy.

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